Internal Turning Tool Holders are specialized tools designed for performing internal turning operations within the bores or holes of workpieces. These tool holders are essential for achieving high precision and accuracy in internal machining tasks.

Internal Turning Tool Holders are crafted to facilitate precise and efficient internal turning operations in CNC machining. They are specifically designed to access the internal regions of a workpiece, enabling the machining of bores, holes, and other internal features with high precision and consistency.


Access to Tight Spaces: Designed to reach into narrow and deep cavities, enabling precise internal machining.
High-Quality Machining: Deliver consistent and accurate results, enhancing the quality of internal surfaces and geometries.
Versatility in Application: Suitable for a variety of internal machining tasks, from simple bore turning to complex threading and grooving.
Efficient and Cost-Effective: Reduce the need for multiple tool changes and setups, increasing productivity and reducing machining costs.