To be competitive needs to invest in quality.

Since the day we have been established, we have aimed to produce the best quality at the most affordable price. In this way, we always have new customers and continued to grow in the market.

We have been a few steps ahead of the market by following the technological developments and using the methods we developed in our quality laboratories.

That’s why our customers never stop choosing us for 37 years.

Heikenei machine park

From Raw Materials

We have been working with raw materials manufacturers which one have best quality in Europe.

Heikenei machine park

With Machine Park

Machines in our facility are updated and have new technology to produce last Tech and Precision Tools.

Heikenei machine park

Precision Production

In the machining industry, controlling the process makes that every product has the same quality

Heikenei machine park

and Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is one the most important process for machining tools and the processes are completed in the facility to avoid unsolicited result

Heikenei machine park

Quality Control

We always have the best quality control machines to ensure quality stability and need to be sure that our clients have the best.

Heikenei machine park

Final Product

After the processes completed, you must be sure that you will have the best quality with the best prices.

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