DIN 2080 (ISO) Holding Systems for rotating tools are precision-engineered mechanisms that conform to the DIN 2080 international standard, also recognized as ISO, for the interface between machine spindles and tool holders. These systems ensure secure and balanced tool holding for rotating tools in various machining operations.

DIN 2080 (ISO) Holding Systems are meticulously designed to provide a universal standard in tool holding for rotating tools, ensuring secure engagement and consistent precision in CNC machining centers.

Key Features and Benefits:

Universal Compatibility: Designed in accordance with the DIN 2080 (ISO) standard, ensuring widespread compatibility with milling spindles.
Durable Construction: Crafted from alloy steels and engineered for longevity, these systems resist wear and deformation under high-torque operations.

Applications and Purposes:

Utilized across various machining applications, from milling to drilling and tapping, within industries that demand strict adherence to precision standards.