ERT20 Tapping ER Collet Set

Heikenei Code Type Dimension Type d1 Type of Precision Product Balance Machine Tap DIN D L Contents
HEI.6011000 ERT 20 Ø3.5x2.7 - Ø4x3.2 - Ø4.5x3.4 - Ø5.5x4.5 Ø6x4.9 - Ø6.3x5 Ø7x5.5 - Ø8x6.3 Ø9x7.1 - Ø10x8 - Ø11x9 - Ø12x9 GRADE-1 TAPPING ER COLLET SET 10 MICRON RUN OUT It is compatible with machine tap shanks' between Ø3,5-12.0mm. DIN 6499 / ISO 15488 20.5MM 31.5MM 12 PCS.