Drive Key for Shell Mill Holders

Mitnehmersteine Mit Schraube

Item Code Product Name b h L
HEI.Z.PF.K416.20 Drive Key K 16 Kombi 4 4 20
HEI.Z.PF.K422.20 Drive Key K 22 Kombi 6 6 20
HEI.Z.PF.K427.25 Drive Key K 27 Kombi 7 7 25
HEI.Z.PF.K432.28 Drive Key K 32 Kombi 7 8 28
HEI.Z.PF.K440.32 Drive Key K 40 Kombi 8 10 32
The "Drive Key for Shell Mill Holders" is a critical component designed to transmit rotational force from the milling machine spindle to the shell mill holder, ensuring the cutter's precise and efficient operation. This key fits into a corresponding slot on the shell mill holder, aligning it with the spindle and preventing slippage during high-speed milling operations. Key Features and Benefits:Precision Alignment: Ensures accurate positioning of the shell mill holder, leading to consistent machining and optimal cutting performance. Durability: Made from high-strength materials to withstand the stresses of milling, ensuring longevity and reliability. Compatibility: Designed to fit a range of shell mill holders, providing versatility across different milling setups. Applications: Utilized in CNC and manual milling operations where shell mill holders are employed, essential in sectors like metalworking, automotive, and aerospace manufacturing. Drive Keys for Shell Mill Holders are indispensable for achieving stable and efficient milling, contributing to the overall precision and effectiveness of machining processes.