Drawn in Bolt DIN 6367 for Shell Mill Holders

Milling cutter lock screw DIN 6367
Fräseranzugsschrauben DIN 6367

Item Code Product Name M D L B
HEI.Z.FAS.K16.M8 M8 Q16 KOMBI M8 20 16 6
HEI.Z.FAS.K22.M10 M10 Q 22 KOMBI M10 28 18 7
HEI.Z.FAS.K27.M12 M12 Q 27 KOMBI M12 35 22 8
HEI.Z.FAS.K32.M16 M16 Q 32 KOMBI M16 42 26 9
HEI.Z.FAS.K40.M20 M20 Q 40 KOMBI M20 52 30 10
HEI.Z.FAS.K50.M24 M24 Q 40 KOMBI M24 63 36 12
The "Drawn in Bolt DIN 6367 for Shell Mill Holders," also known as the "Milling cutter lock screw DIN 6367" or "Fräseranzugsschrauben DIN 6367," is a crucial component designed for securely attaching shell mill holders to milling machines. Complying with the DIN 6367 standard, this bolt ensures consistent and reliable fastening, crucial for precise milling operations. Features and Benefits: Precision Engineering: Manufactured to the exacting standards of DIN 6367, ensuring perfect compatibility and performance with shell mill holders. Robust Design: Crafted from high-strength materials, these bolts withstand the mechanical stresses of milling, providing a durable and reliable connection. Efficient Operation: Facilitates a secure and tight connection, reducing vibration and enhancing the stability of the milling process. Ease of Use: Designed for quick and easy installation, allowing for fast tool changes and minimal disruption to machining workflows. Applications: Ideal for use in CNC machining and manual milling setups where shell mill holders are employed. Widely applicable in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and general manufacturing, where precise and reliable milling is necessary. The Drawn in Bolt DIN 6367 for Shell Mill Holders is an indispensable tool for ensuring the secure and accurate mounting of shell mills, contributing to the efficiency and precision of milling operations across various sectors.