Clutch Drive Rings DIN 6366 for Combi Shell Mill Holders

Mitnehmerringe DIN 6366

Item Code Product Name d D b
HEI.Z.MR.K416.16 Q 16 KOMBI 16 32 8
HEI.Z.MR.K422.22 Q 22 KOMBI 22 40 10
HEI.Z.MR.K427.27 Q 27 KOMBI 27 48 12
HEI.Z.MR.K432.32 Q 32 KOMBI 32 58 14
HEI.Z.MR.K440.40 Q 40 KOMBI 40 70 16
Clutch Drive Rings DIN 6366 (Mitnehmerringe DIN 6366) are essential components designed to securely connect combi shell mill holders to machine tool spindles. These rings adhere to the DIN 6366 standard, which specifies the dimensions and tolerances for high-precision interface and ensures compatibility and performance across different milling setups. These drive rings play a crucial role in the milling process by transmitting the rotational force from the spindle to the shell mill holder effectively and efficiently. The clutch mechanism within the drive ring provides a secure grip and precise alignment, reducing the potential for slippage and ensuring consistent milling results. Features and Benefits: Standard Compliance: Manufactured to DIN 6366 standards, ensuring high precision and compatibility with combi shell mill holders and machine spindles. Secure Transmission: Offers reliable torque transmission, minimizing tool slippage and enhancing the milling operation's overall efficiency. Durability: Constructed from high-strength materials, these drive rings withstand the demands of high-speed milling, offering longevity and reducing maintenance needs. Enhanced Productivity: Facilitates quick and easy tool changes, thus improving workflow and reducing downtime in the manufacturing process.