Clamping Nuts for ER Mini Collet Chucks DIN 6499

Spannmuttern Mini für ER Spannzangen DIN 6499

Item Code Product Name M D
HEI.Z.SM11.ER11.M ER 11 MINI M13 x 0,75 16
HEI.Z.SM16.ER16.M ER 16 MINI M19 x 1,0 22
HEI.Z.SM20.ER20.M ER 20 MINI M24 x 1,0 28
HEI.Z.SM25.ER25.M ER 25 MINI M30 x 1,0 35
"Clamping Nuts for ER Mini Collet Chucks" are specialized components designed to secure ER mini collets within collet chucks, ensuring the precise and stable clamping of small-diameter tools in high-speed machining operations. These nuts are crucial for maintaining the accuracy and balance of the tool assembly. Key Features and Benefits: Precision Clamping: Ensures a tight and secure fit, reducing tool slippage and vibration during operation.High Compatibility: Specifically designed for ER mini collet chucks, these nuts fit a range of ER collet sizes, offering versatility in tool holding. Durability: Made from high-strength materials to withstand the stresses of high-speed machining, ensuring longevity and reliability. Easy to Use: Designed for quick and straightforward tool changes, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime. Applications: Used in precision machining operations where small-diameter tools are required, such as in the medical, electronics, and jewelry industries. Suitable for high-speed CNC machining centers, where tool balance and precision are critical. Clamping Nuts for ER Mini Collet Chucks are essential for ensuring the effective and reliable performance of ER mini collet systems, providing the necessary clamping force to secure tools during complex and high-speed machining tasks.